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The Widmann PM-Series

Areas of application/products 

  • pillow pouches

  • pillow pouches with Euro perforation and zippers

  • pillow pouches with head contours

  • bottom-gusset pouches

  • stand-up pouches

  • stand-up pouches with spouts

  • special pouches

  • special pouches with non-standard contours of any shape

The Widmann SI-Series

Verpackungsmaschine SI-Baureihe

Inserting and welding-in of spouts of various kind is no problem. The further the use of standard spouts is easy as well.

  • Sealing in only 3 steps

  • A secure joint

  • Carousel or linear type of machines

  • Stand-alone or in a combination

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Widmann PM Series


Sandwich tool concept

Due to the innovative sandwich-tool concept for pouch production, the tooling cost can be kept relatively low. But first of all, the innovation makes it possible to produce a bottom-gusset pouch with only one ultrasonic horn in a single process step.

Meeting the customer’s requirements

The modular structure of the machine design enables you to respond to any special request or production requirement of your customer.

A wide range of performance rates

The output rates of the PM-series range from 160 pouches per minute in one-web processes up to 600 pouches per minute in multi-web processes. The high precision tools are manufactured in single or multiple use, depending on the machine capacity.

Concepts to rely on

Apart from their high efficiency, Widmann machines are characterized by the highest reliability and lowest susceptibility to failure.

Well-thought-out operation

The user-friendly machine design allows short set-up times, quick format changes and high flexibility.

High performance in a small space

Due to its modular design and ultrasonic technology, a PM-series machine only requires a small space.

Flexible machine concept

Bottom gussets can be inserted into the main film material of the pouch or special bottom films can be fed and folded. The modular machine design also allows for welding of zippers or spouts into the pouches.

Widmann machines of the PM-series are used wherever efficiency, productivity, flexibility and packaging quality are of the same importance.

Widmann SI-series


A secure joint

The breakthrough of this development is welding of very thin films to solid injection-moulded components. For the first time ever, it is done by using ultrasonic welding technology. Since both materials have different requirements on the welding process, the welding result greatly depends on the design and precision of the welding tools and the press units themselves.

Sealing in only 3 steps

With a SI machine, the spout is inserted and welded while the pouch is simultaneously closed on its head seam. This procedure is performed in 3 steps. In the first two steps, the spout is inserted and welded from each side. In the final (third) step of the process, the head seam is generated and a bond with the spout is created.

Carousel or linear type of machines

The configuration of the recommended machine solely depends on the customer's requirements. It can be a carousel-type machine running up to 45 cycles per minute or a linear-type machine running from 80 to 100 cycles per minute, which has an output between 160 and 200 pouches per minute in the case of a twin-track process. By using appropriate feeding and conveying systems for pre-converted pouches, the system can be operated autonomously.

Stand-alone or in a combination

The machines of series SI can be operated as stand-alone systems for prefabrication of finished pouches or they can be integrated in filling lines as upstream or downstream machines of a filling station. Contamination by the filled product does not affect the welding results. For many material combinations, the achievable tensile strength rates are much higher than in the thermal-contact welding technology.

Use of standard spouts

The other innovation is the possibility to use easily available standard spouts. Using the ultrasonic method does not require any adaptation of the spout shape. Therefore a quick and cost-efficient change is possible.