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Advantages of the ultrasonic method

100% Ultraschall Fertigung

Manufacturing of packaging pouches by means of ultrasonic method is an economical solution primarily distinguished by its process efficiency. This solution gives the green light in many directions.


One of the leading companies for production of film processing machines - "for over 70 years"

With our machines for production of office products, especially organisational aids, we have worldwide made our mark. Our brand name represents the best quality, high reliability, long operating life and a very good service.

We maintain our leading position in many technical details with numerous ideas. This is not least documented by a multitude of issued patents.

You can see Widmann machines and plants in the automotive and medical sector, as well as at factories producing household items or high-quality packaging pouches - simply wherever plane and flat papers, plastics, foams or fleeces should be welded or bonded.

Thermal-contact and ultrasonic welding with block sonotrodes, as well as automation technology, belong to our core business.

Widmann is a Swabian family business with 70-years tradition.

Widmann relies upon its experienced staff. Most of them have worked for the company for more than 15 years. This continuity and reliability ensure an exceptional customer loyalty and very high quality awareness.

It takes expertise in both, materials technology and process engineering, to develop new production methods and to combine different kinds of materials.

Widmann systems are the result of this specialist knowledge. Consequently, they are capable of much more than a mass-produced machine using an off-the peg design. In the words of a Widmann employee, who has played a key role in development and design for 18 years: "Our speciality is fully automatic solutions: from the raw material to the final product. This is because Widmann is about precisely that: end-to-end solutions. That means systems starting with a roll of paper or film and performing each and every task, right up to the finished product.


Presentation of the first pouch filling system from Widmann for food products at the
Interpack 2017.


Development of the first Widmann bag filling equipment for liquid and pasty cosmetics.


Andreas and Carsten Widmann joined the executive board of the company in the third generation.


Presentation of the first Widmann’s high-speed machine for welding spouts into ultrasonic welded pouches at Fachpack 2010 (trade fair in Nuremberg).


First ultrasonic welding press for production of incontinence pouches in medical engineering.


By a customer’s order, Widmann develops the first system for production of stand-up pouches for animal food. The pouches are made of multilayer aluminium composite foil by using ultrasonic welding technology.


Just in time for the 50th company anniversary Widmann presents the 6th pocket maker generation: 220 cycles/minute!


Development of a film sealing machine with patented welding system (ultrasonic welding technology) for tear sealing of flat films.
The Index Maker TA-R4 (in 4th generation) reaches a performance of 200 cycles/minute with newly designed and patented process engineering.


Plastics exhibition “K92” in Düsseldorf, Germany: presentation of the first “Mylar” index machine, which was especially designed for the American market and patented worldwide.


Planning and erection of a new company plant in Schlierbach.


Mourning the death of Karl Widmann, the founder of the company (he died after a short and serious illness at the age of 69).


Werner Widmann takes over the management of Karl Widmann Schweißmaschinen GmbH.


Plastics exhibition “K75” in Düsseldorf, Germany: presentation of the first machine for punched pockets manufacturing from polypropylene worldwide.


Werner Widmann joins the design department of the company.


Extension of production range by development of simple welding devices for polyethylene foil bonding.


Relocation to a new built plant in Plochingen. Beginning of series production of high-frequency welders (HF welder) for PVC film processing.


Purchase of metalworking machinery – with money raise due to the monetary reform - and start of industrial production with farming out contracts for the machine tool industry.


Foundation of company Ing. Karl Widmann Apparatebau Esslingen.

Schlierbach and the rest of the world

Operating worldwide had been a normal practice for Widmann long before the “globalisation” term became trendy. For many years the company has built plants for companies from Japan to Mexico, from Norway to the South Africa.

The worldwide success chalked up to this company in Schlierbach would not be possible without understanding other markets and foreign business partners. This includes certain basic prerequisites as, for example, the fact that all negotiations and all project meetings with international business partners are conducted in English.

The excellent international reputation was earned Widmann by skills which are typical for the Swabians: to listen to the business partner, to fathom out his requirements on the system that he wants to purchase and to design a solution which he can rely upon. 

Or, as it is was expressed by one of our business strategists: "We evaluate new technologies worldwide and select the seminal and useful ones.

 Then we modify them to adapt them to our customer’s application. If no suitable technology available at the market, which can solve the customer’s problem, we develop a suitable solution ourselves."

The result of this development is usually so that it works faster and more efficient than a conventional technology. After all, German mechanical engineering is of excellent repute in all over the world. Widmann considerably contributes to maintaining this national reputation.