Widmann Maschinen

Punched pockets and sheet protectors

Office products

Punched pockets,
sheet protectors,
register folders,
special punched pockets,
ring binder covers,
ring binders,
letter filers

Stand-up pouches


Stand-up pouches,
Production of pouches,
Barrier films

Urine bags and wound dressing


blood filters,
wound dressing,
urine bags

Vacuum cleaner bags and filter components


Vacuum cleaner bags,
Filter components,
Fuel filters,
Air filters

Production of sound absorption components, fuel filters and air bags


Fuel filters,
Sound absorption,
Air bags

WIDMANN precision machines

For film processing and packaging production

Widmann is one of the leading manufacturers of film processing machines. The majority of machines worldwide used for production of office products are manufactured by Widmann. Widmann machines are synonymous with high precision, quality and the longest operating life in packaging industry, too.

Film web processing

Widmann specialises in processing of film webs and film-like materials. Our standard and special machines are mainly used for such processes as punching, stamping, gluing, pasting and welding. The core technology is ultrasonic welding. Firstly, this technology is used for processing of standard materials: polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) and PVC.

Secondly, the ultrasonic method is mainly used for multi-layer film composites and foils made of renewable raw materials. Such materials are gaining widespread use in the packaging technology.

Application areas of these materials are both food and non-food industry.

Film web processing Standard machines for production of office requisites

precision machines

Standard series-produced machine

We manufacture standard machines for office products.

precision machines

Customized machines

Manufacturing of individual customized machines specially tailored to your products.

Customized machine

Our Technical Centre

Research and trials for the highest standards

Widmann has its own division for testing procedures and research.

At this department, machines are further developed and each component, even the smallest one, is carefully examined.

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